Turkey Farmers of Canada is recognized for its collaboration with all stakeholders in creating a sustainable turkey industry that ensures a healthy, year-round food choice for Canadians.


To promote research, knowledge sharing, efficiencies, and consumer awareness – the cornerstone of a thriving Canadian turkey industry – to contribute to the wellbeing of farmers, processors, the industry and partners.


The members of Turkey Farmers of Canada, guided by the Farm Products Agencies Act, S. 21, believe in:

  • A national, orderly marketing system working towards growth of output and profitability for investors in the sector
  • A competitive and profitable economic model that benefits producers across Canada
  • Transparency of farm management practices, meeting the highest standards for health, safety, and animal welfare
  • Keeping pace with ongoing competitive changes in the Canadian marketplace
  • Satisfying the evolving expectations of the Canadian consumer through innovation and excellence in turkey production and processing, providing a high-quality and safe product to consumers at a fair price
  • An organization that operates ethically, respectfully, with integrity, and valuing employees, partners, and stakeholders